Monday, May 16, 2011

House of Curries aka Sunrise, Florida Road, Durban

This place is a staple on boyfriend and my weekly eating schedule. Previously a chilled out, low-key stalwart on the Durban eatery scene, it is now a super vibey, place-to-be-seen. In fact, nothing has changed other than a fully licensced bar opening up next door. Now you can have a few drinks with your meal, which clearly makes all the difference.

A recent new addition is a dedicated outside seating area which is simple but comfortable. Decor is minimal, uncluttered and functional. It's obvious that the owner is making a consistent effort to improve the place. Famous for ridiculously good Indian food at ridiculously reasonable prices and served as the most ridiculously large portions.

These days you have to book for a friday night's dinner and word on the street is that they don't even accept bookings for saturday nights anymore because they are just too busy. The vibe is great, its like a pre-party for your friday night. But beware, if you have hipster tendencies you might be offended at the amount of trucker caps and popped collars and psuedo mohawks and hi5's and "hey boet's" flying around the place these days - if that's your problem just get takeaway - it is soooo worth it.

The best advice that I can impart is to order a roti, they are between 26 - 40 rand (depending on the filling you choose) and the best value for money you can imagine. Boyfriend and I usually share one, stuff our faces until we can't sit up straight and STILL have left overs for midnight snacking.

On a recent occasion I tried something other than a roti for the first time (gasp). I tried the 'chip chow' which I'd never heard of before. I'm pretty sure it changed my life. Chips with spiced salt covered in mutton curry and topped with melted cheese. It's like my favourite roti deconstructed. I only got through half of the meal. The portion was just too big but it was delicious and I will defintiely be having it the next time we sit down for a meal.

Boyfriend had a mutton bunny chow on the same night and although I'm not the biggest bunny fan around it was really enjoyable.

Every roti, samoosa, bunny and briyani I have tasted at Sunrise have been great superb and excellent value for money. However, if I had to recommend my absolute favourite it would be the beans, chips, cheese and mutton gravy roti or the mushroom and potato roti (this roti is not spicy but full to the brim with flavour). These are my 'go to' guys and they hit the mark everytime.

Completely Cooked Rating: 7.5/10