Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ice Tea

My friend Lisa taught me how to make my own ice tea. It is a cheat method which means it is super duper easy.

I actually did a bit of research before deciding to use Lisa's method but the 'sun tea' and 'cold-brewed' seemed like waaay too much admin for my liking. On a hot day, when I am craving ice tea I don't want to have to wait hours for it to be ready - by that time the sun has probably gone down and tomorrow might be rainy.

The cheat's recipe is for instant gratification. Ready in approximately 15 minutes!

Tea - I use green tea or rooibos (red bush) depending on my mood
Fruit juice concentrate - I used Halls Apple Concentrate in the above photograph.

Now this is a tough one to describe because people like ice tea in various strengths and sweetnesses. But the following is generally how I roll:
Boil about 3 cups of water.
Let between 4 and 6 teabags steep in the boiled water for a good 5 minutes or until you are satisfied with the strength of the tea.
Chuck in a big handful or two of ice and then place in the fridge
Mix up the juice concentrate as per the instructions on the bottle. I usually use about three cups.
Add juice to tea and chuck in a bit more ice (or, if you're patient, place back in the fridge until cool).
Adjust to your taste (more juice or cold water may be necessary).
Drink and enjoy your super quick, super easy ice tea!

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