Monday, August 29, 2011

Olive & Oil, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga

This was the second of the Olive and Oil branches to open in Durban. The first was in Glenwood. This one is in Umhlanga.

We were dining with an Australian friend who made me smile with her gushing compliments about our beautiful country. She remarked that in South Africa the waitrons are super attentive to restaurant patrons.This dining experience was no exception. My wine glass was rarely empty and our waiter visibly tried his best to ensure that our every need was met.

The decor and design are simple. The menu is varied and there is something for every taste. The portion sizes are good and although not the cheapest place to eat in town we didn't feel like we were ripped off.

The starter of ostrich carpaccio was very tasty and perfectly paired with rocket
For the main meal I ate a fisherman's platter. The calamari was succulent, the prawns were delicious and the cape salmon (the linefish) was moist and tasty.

Although everything on the my list was ticked I still feel that something was lacking. I can't say what it was but I feel like the spark that makes a good restaurant into a great restaurant (one that I want to visit again and again) was absent. For this reason I prefer the Glenwood version of this restaurant.

Completely Cooked Rating: 7/10

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