Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jilera, Innes Road, Durban

The first time we we ever ate at Jilera the salad was amazing. Now, it's a real rarity for me to order a salad but I wasn't very hungry that night and salad sounded interesting. 

It was fantastic. 

The salads can also be ordered as a wrap or an open sandwich. On this, the second occasion we were visiting the place, I opted for a different salad as I wasn't feeling the carb vibe that evening. My meal arrived as an open sandwich and I was completely disappointed. It was mostly bread and sparse on the good stuff. The waitress graciously offered to rectify the mistake but, as a rule, I don't send food back because I like to avoid the possibility of ingesting the chef's spit at all costs. 

We were a party of 7 diners. My order was wrong, one of the burgers was cold and the deep dish of nachos only had toppings on the top layer... when you're paying almost 70 rand for something as simple as vegetarian nachos you expect a bit more. The bunny chow was a very mild but by far the best meal at the table.
We were there on a Friday night and the place seemed more geared towards the bar vibe than the restaurant vibe that night. Such a pity because the first time we visited we had such an unexpectedly good experience, but I can't see any of us back there anytime soon

Completely Cooked: 3/10

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