Monday, March 21, 2011

Polenta Stacks

Modified from this recipe


polenta enough for 4 people
chicken / vegetable stock
1 or 2 cups of grated parmesan cheese
3/4 cup fresh corn
1 roasted red pepper, pureed
1 eggplant
basil pesto


Make polenta using the instructions on the packet but substitute chicken / vegetable stock for water. Do not make the polenta it too runny, it needs to be of a relatively thick consistency.

Once cooked divide the mixture in half.

Mix the corn and grated parmesan cheese into the first half of polenta.

Mix the pureed roasted red pepper with the second half of polenta.

Spread the polenta mixtures in a shallow pan and allow to set in the fridge.

Slice the aubergine into slices approximately 1 centimeter thick and grill until tender.

Remove from the fridge once set and use a cookie cutter / upturned glass to cut round shapes roughly the same size as your aubergine slices from both the yellow and red coloured polentas.

Fry the polenta rounds on each side until warmed through, or, for a healthier alternative, place rounds on a baking tray and bake until warmed through.

Stack polenta rounds and aubergine slices and top with chopped feta and a drizzle of basil pesto.


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briarrose said...

Beautiful dish. I love the mix of flavors.