Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things that are awesome

The weekly "CAKE OR DEATH" event at Unit 11 hosted by Hruki

Every Thursday between about 7pm and 9pm Unit 11 hosts Cake or Death. No, it has nothing to do with Eddie Izzard. But it has a lot to do with cake. YES!

So here's the skinny:
Free entrance to Unit 11. The event is hosted by Hruki so they have a little shop open for peeps to purchase their lovely wares. Every week a different live act serves as the entertainment. I went the week before last and they had a bunch of different musicians doing Johnny Cash covers. It was pretty rad indeed. Even radder was the 8 bit video game set-up they had going on. Projected onto a big screen were the likes of Mappy, Mario Bros, Contra, and that circus game where the first stage is a clown jumping from ball to ball. Nostalgia to the max!

However, the tv games are not the most important thing. The show stopper at Cake or Death is, without a shadow of a doubt, THE CAKE. Each week there is a different type of cake for sale, at just R15 a slice.

The cake on the night that I attended was cheesecake I didn't know what type of cheesecake it was and neither did anyone else but to me it tasted like cheesecake topped with a melted top-deck-type sauce. So, in short, it was the best cheesecake I have EVER eaten... Please cast your eyes to the right to see a picture of the perfect cake. This cake is the stuff that dreams are made of. Admittedly the picture is the opposite of perfect and kinda looks like something out of the Nevermind the Buzzcocks game "What have we pixelated?". But the cake inspired such awe in me that I couldn't not share a picture of it.

The moral of the story is two-fold.
1. You should attend cake or death because it is great for a chilled thursday night out.
2. You should definitely try the cake (and keep your fingers crossed for the top-deck-type cheesecake).

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