Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mooki Noodle Power, Brand Road, Glenwood

There has been a lot of hype around this newly opened joint. And i mean A LOT a lot. It opened while I was on holiday overseas and boyfriend, being the awesome boyfriend he is, decided to wait for me to get back before trying it out.

So we ended up having our most recent date night there. The first thing I thought when I arrived was "man, this place is TINY". I mean, it wasn't very busy so it didn't really matter but ya, it is pretty tiny. The second thing I noticed was the tables. As I mentioned the place wasn't full so I didn't see the concept in action but to me it seems as though they've taken a leaf out of Europe's book: The tables are longish and three couples, not necessarily in the same party of diners, are able to comfortably eat side-by-side at one of these tables. And so, combined with my first observation on the size of this place, you will understand the genius that is employing this seating strategy.

I couldn't stop admiring the painted mural... 

The food menu is super limited, which I LOVE because I often find it difficult to choose what to eat when I go out. Also, it is a new restaurant so I appreciate that they've chosen a few dishes in order that they may concentrate on the quality of these few items and make them sparkle.

The waitresses and the owner are fantastic hosts. Friendly and laid back, its the kind of service I imagine being the norm back in my parents' day. The employees want to make you feel as comfortable as possible and are genuinely interested in your well-being while you are there. It's this element that makes people feel at home while they're out and, I imagine, has earned this place many return customers already.

Boyfriend had the fishcakes to start and I had calamari salad. Both were fair. I thought the fish cakes were a little bit dense for my liking but I really enjoyed the taste - distinctly Thai. I always love a salad filled with fresh herbs so this one was top notch in my opinion.
(more chicken noodles than I could handle - this was my plate after I'd eaten my fill)

For main course boyfriend had chicken fried rice and I had chicken with noodles. The portion sizes were extremely generous and neither of us were able to finish. I preferred the noodles as the dish had stronger flavours and the absolute perfect amount of chilli heat for my taste.

All in all it was a lovely night. For starters, mains, a drink (and enough leftovers for lunch the next day) it cost us just over R200.00. That's pretty good value for money if you ask me.

Completely Cooked Rating: 7/10

 (White Rabbits instead of after dinner mints. Love!)


Bronwen said...

I agree completely - the chicken and veg noodle stirfry with ginger chilli sauce is my favourite!

Lindybug said...

Mookie is an awesome place to go if you are looking for a homely, friendly dining experience. The owners really make you feel welcome and take time to explain the whole menu to you, its great. I recommend the spring roll starters - they are yummy!

Candice said...

Looks like i'll be trying the spring rolls on my next visit :)