Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Steak Sandwiches

We made these steak sandwiches one lazy Saturday afternoon. 

We had: 
  • left over beef fillet steaks from the previous night's braai (bbq);
  • hangovers, also from the previous night's braai; and
  • hunger
No one was keen to tackle anything too complicated, lucky for us, the resulting meal was not only easy but pretty darn delicious too.

White Wine
Thyme, basil and any dried herbs your heart desires
Left over beef fillet steaks
Bread or hamburger rolls

Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan
Add chopped onions and fry til transluscent
Add a generous amount of garlic and simmer til fragrant
Add sliced mushrooms and simmer
Toast the bread/rolls (these can be left untoasted but we toasted because our rolls were from the night before so not the freshest - I liked the crunchy texture of the toasted roll in this sandwich)
Add some white wine (not too much if you're still feeling tender from the previous night)
Slice the beef fillet into strips and add to the pan
Season with salt, pepper and mixture of herbs
Simmer until the meat is warmed through
Chuck the fried mixture onto your toasted roll and gobble down your sandwich.. Mmmm mmmmm.

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Anna said...

Sandwiches are filling yet easy to prepare meals. Who would ever think that this recipe can include leftovers from yesterday's lunch or last night's meat dish...Thanks for posting something delicious, filling and practical!