Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jalepeno Burgers

Burgers are great and so versatile. You can put almost anything in them and almost anything on them
I used to add half a cup of breadcrumbs to my burgers. Then one day I was like WHY? I like the bulk of my burger to be meat so these days I tend to nix the extra carbs.

1 cup minced beef
1/3 cup onion finely chopped
2 jalepenos finely chopped
1 egg
salt and pepper

Cheese slices
Pineapple rings
Avo slices

Finely chop onion and jalepenos - i used jalepenos out of a jar because i'm tired of being surprised by the lack of consistency in the heat of fresh ones.
Mix together minced beef, egg, onion, jalepeno, dried herbs and salt and pepper
Form into patties... I once saw a great tip on tv (though i can't remember which show it was). The chef lined the lid of a jar with platic wrap and formed his burger patties in the cavity... perfect shape every time!)
Fry the patties in heated olive oil (or on the braai if you're eating outside)and pop them on a burger bun when they're done
I ate these patties on a fresh burger bun with cheese slices, 2 pineapple rings and avo slices, perfect chilled out summer dinner. So perfect, in fact, that I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo before its deliciousness was gobbled up by my greedy mouth. Better luck next time I

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