Monday, February 28, 2011

Neighbourhood, Long Street, Cape Town

I was in Cape Town with a friend a little while ago and stayed in an awesome little hotel called Daddy Long Legs. It couldn't have been situated in a more perfect position... right on Long Street across from Neighbourhood. Yes!

The atmosphere at Neighbourhood is very relaxed and comfortable. There are huge comfy couches scattered around the place for patrons to lounge around and enjoy two for one cocktails between 5pm and 7pm everyday. The spicy Mojito is to die for but stay far far FAR away from the blackberry pina colada. I actually believe that the blackberry pina colada was put on the menu as a joke. That's how gross it is.

Anyway, the first night we ate nachos and chilli poppers and OH MY! they were good. In fact, we coined a new phrase that night. Instead of the commonly used "OMG" we now say "OMN", in homage to how good those nachos were. OH MY NACHOS!

The jalepeno poppers were large and juicy and not too hot.. which is always my problem when I make them at home.

The second night (yes, we were in Cape Town for just two nights and chose to eat here both of them) I ate a bacon and avo burger with their famous curly fries. The burger was delicious and the fries weren't too bad. My friend (the vegetarian) had a cous cous and roasted vegetable salad. Neighbourhood really caters for its vegetarian clients and I think that is awesome. The edamame beans starter is interesting. I'd never eaten a bowl of edamame beans before but it was surprisingly good, and a great healthy alternative to the other starter options on the menu.

As it gets later the restaurant becomes more of a bar and it gets noisier and noisier (or vibe-ier and vibe-ier, whichever you prefer).
The staff are super friendly and efficient. Prices are reasonable and portions are large. The top of the bar itself is kind of a centrepiece to the whole place and is made of a clear resin with things like coins and watches suspended in it. Quite remarkable indeed.

Completely Cooked Rating: 7.5/10

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