Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PL8 at Hotel 64, Gordon Road, Durban

The restaurant ran a ‘half price Mondays’ special for the entire month of January 2011. We decided to take advantage

The design and decor of the restaurant and hotel are really well thought out and interesting. Sleek and uncluttered. I like that the interior is unusual without being in your face about it. I felt comfortable and at home but still enjoyed the little details.

The waitresses were flawless- friendly but not annoying, extremely efficient and quirky. It is always obvious how much a waitron hates or loves their job and it really seemed as though these people were happy to be there.
To start I had the mussel pot. The mussels were large, juicy and had quite a smokey taste, which we decided was very nice. Others at the table had peri peri chicken livers, escargots, fishcakes, butternut soup and mushroom risotto.
I tasted the fishcakes and thought were a little bland but they were presented exquisitely and paired with cream cheese which added a bit of interest.
The mushroom risotto was definitely the winner for me though. Perfect texture and a great rich taste.
The choice for mains had all bases covered (beef, chicken, fish and veg options as well as pizzas) but it was not as interesting as I had expected for such a trendy looking place. They definitely stayed on the safe side with the menu.
The linefish was cape salmon and was served with linguine, the linguine was nice and so was the salmon, nothing that I would get excited about though. The chicken roulade was exceptionally tender and fairly tasty, but again, nothing spectacular.
I ordered the fillet of beef with potato rosti and red wine jus. I have to say this was the most disappointing meal of the night. I asked for it to be cooked 'medium' and it was completely over-cooked. It was still tender (somehow) and the rosti was very nice but the taste was just plain boring. I kind of felt like I was eating a very average pub lunch of steak and gravy (not to diss steak and gravy at all... just saying that if I wanted such an ordinary meal I could get that at the pub down the road and it would be tastier and cheaper). 
On any other occasion such poor food would probably have ruined my night. Thankfully, It didn’t. I can't say why because it's something that I haven’t been able to put my finger on but even though I didn’t love the food I still managed to have an absolutely fantastic evening. As a result, I could definitely see myself visiting again… perhaps only for drinks and the risotto starter though.
completely cooked rating: 5.5 / 10

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