Thursday, June 2, 2011

Frozen Yoghurt Date

I feel like I'm getting better at this blogging thing. More regular I mean. I'm pretty sure the value of the content hasn't increased. Two posts in two days though. Here's hoping the regularity lasts.

So, last night boyfriend and I celebrated the first of June with a nice dinner at home. For dessert we went out to Durban's first dedicated frozen yoghurt bar, Wakaberry.

Wakaberry yoghurt bar is situated on Durban's Florida Road in the old Bank Gallery. Boyfriend and I both love that building and were quite sad to see it go from the clean white it used to be, to the new pastel-ish colours (on the inside) that it now is. The colour scheme is pretty fitting for a yoghurt bar though.
It might be winter but the cold would never stop me from 1. trying something new (especially in Durban - cos who knows how long it'll be around) and 2. eating cold desserts.

The first thing that struck us on entering was the huge amount of space inside. It felt like even a duck's quack would echo in there. The dude at the counter was friendly and helpful.

Boyfriend opted for lime flavoured yoghurt with jelly babies, sour worms and jelly tots on top.
I went for vanilla flavoured yoghurt with a tiny bit of toffee flavoured on top and I topped that with seeds, nuts, coco pops, smarties and astros.

Boyfriend's lime yoghurt was very limey, like capitalisation-of-every-letter VERY. I could only manage one bite. It was just to electric for my taste. My yoghurt was perfect - delicately tart the way froyo should be. The nuts, seeds, coco pops and astros were delicious accompaniments. Note to self, the smarties went a bit too hard and may have cracked a tooth.

I enjoyed the dessert and found it pretty resonably priced. We both had more than sufficiently sized helpings and it cost us R32.00 for both. I can definitely see myself going back to sample the mixed berry yoghurt with some fresh fruit toppings. Mmmmmm


JP.Brouard said...

Was looking to see who had blogged about Wakaberry and discovered your blog. Thought I'd say hello. Anyway, I must visit Wakaberry soon!

Candice said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi JP :) Hope you enjoy Wakaberry as much as I did.

Wakaberry said...

Thanks for the blog post! Hope your boyfriend has had better luck with his flavours and combinations;)